Needose products, with the unique and model design, enrich your lifestyle by the attractive color effects and distinctive appearances, In the combination with functionality and high quality, Needose products will be a central piece of your home and the main decoration element of your sitting room, dinning room, kitchen, bathroom, bar and garden.
Product: Tray and canister set

Name: Podium

Materials: Plastic / wood / cork


Tray : 120 x 140 x 15mm

Small Canister : 50Ø x 70mm 

Medium Canister : 50Ø x 95mm

Large : 80Ø x 135mm


The tray provides a podium to allow 3 different sizes of canister linking up.
The Podium is in a considerate “D” shaped design which ensures no gap is wasted when the set is put on the table and against the wall.
The different sizes of plastic canister provide a flexibility to use in anywhere such as bathroom, dining room or sitting room.
The fine ball shaped wooden handle plus black or white canister and podium is perfect matched which is able to release a stylish atmosphere to the workplace, hotel or spa room.



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